The first Virtual Reality solution designed for cognitive health.

Introducing VRx, the next generation of cognitive diagnosis and treatment using Virtual Reality.

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The VirtualMind Solution

Utilizing the latest breakthroughs in cloud-based Virtual Reality, VirtualMind introduces a next generation solution for diagnosing and treating cognitive health. We call it VRx.


VirtualMind includes 8 research-based tests that engage the user in a realistic VR environment.


Using multiple sensors and controllers, VirtualMind tests visual and auditory reaction time, executive function, and working memory.


VirtualMind is the first cognitive testing solution to include tests for eye-tracking and balance.


Tests results are sent for analysis immediately following test completion, with user reports available within 10 minutes.


VirtualMind is HIPAA compliant, based on secure data transmision and user authentication.


VirtualMind incorporates effective elements of gaming to engage the user through the testing period.